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Industrial Dry Stick Noodle Processing Line

  • Material: Flour
  • Capacity: 3T/8h
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


Industrial dry stick noodles production line of Zhenghzou LONGER Machinery adopts vacuum mixing technology and photoelectric control technology.

Flour3T/8hQingdao Port
Industrial dry stick noodles production line of Zhenghzou LONGER Machinery adopts vacuum mixing technology and photoelectric control technology, as a symbol of the third generation Hanging noodles production line, representing the advanced level of the domestic industry.
dry stick noodle processing line
The stick dry noodle production line is equipped with excellent equipment, and the whole process is highly automated, it can be operated, and production continuity is good, the product quality is excellent, the finished product rate is high, and the energy consumption is low.
dry stick noodle processing line

 Technical Data
No. Equipment Name Model Qty Remark
1 Measure and Feeding Machine LGYSJ10 1set Pump 0.75kw,Volume 110L
With liquid level display,round tank,stainless steel.
2 Double Shaft and Speed Mixer LGHMJ200 1set Motor power 6.5/8kw, 150kg/batch,manual opening,food contact parts are made of stainless steel and nylon.
  Falling Powder Bucket   1pc Stainless steel, produce according real install size.
3 U Type Dough Ripening Machine LGXHJ200 1set  Power 4kw, 200kg/batch,1600×800×750
Contact part is stainless steel.
4 Compound and Continuous Dough Rolling Machine LGMT7-50 1set Slitting width 350mm, power 5.5kw+5.5kw, 7pairs steel roller, machine is steel structure(frequency control), roller diameter, φ180×2,φ240×1,φ180×2,φ162,φ120
5 Hanging Stick Supplying Machine LGGT450 1set Power 1.5kw (frequency control), noodle length adjustable, front and rear uniformity adjustable.
6 Noodle Cutting Tidy Machine LGZJQ800 1set Power 1.1kw
7 Hanging Rising Machine LGSJ350 1set Power is supplied by Hang Stick Supply Machine, carbon steel.
8 Chain Plate Drying Machine LGPHF30 1set Main power 3kw (frequency control), industrial fans 0.75 kw ×13 sets, moisture removal fans, 4 kw×1set(or 0.6kw*6sets), 4 rows rod, length 50m, drying time 4hours. Stainless steel noodle hanging rods 4000pcs.
9 Sideway Hang Down Machine LGXJ350 1set Power 1.5kw(frequency control), carbon steel.
10 Automatic Hob Cutting Machine LGZQM50A 1set Noodle length adjustable 120~290mm, power 0.8kw.
11 Electric Control System   1set Host to drying room main transmission adopts to frequency control, PLC control, Domestic electrical components, not include cable
  Total    Total Power ~75kw

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