Chili Sauce Grinding Machine Sold to Trinidad and Tobago

One customer from Trinidad and Tobago ordered one unit of Chili Sauce Grinding Machine. Customer owns a small business for making chili sauce and he chose capacity 200kg per hour. After that, he also shows great interest in sauce bottle filling machine. This chili sauce grinding machine is a new type of equipment for the wet type super-micro processing, which with functions of cracking, cutting,milling, mixing, etc. suitable for the homogenization, emulsification and comminuting of the emulsions.
chili sauce grinding machine
This chli sauce grinding machine is with an advanced design, it can adjust rotate speed of millstones according to different demand of different materials, and users can exchange optionally the blast motor for different materials and working condition.
This chili sauce grinding machine is with ascendant efficacy (comminuting of the emulsions, spread around, emulsification, suitable for the homogenization etc.), the granularity processed can reach to 2-50μm, the homogenization reaches to 95%.
Working principle of chili sauce grinding machine:
It is a different geometry of the rotor in high-speed rotation of the relative motion,breaking through the shearing, grinding, and high-frequency vibration.
It has three areas, one area for coarse grinding, the other area for fine grinding,and another one for the ultrafine grinding.
Through adjusting the gap between the rotor, it can effectively achieve the required standard (the gap also can be re-processed).
chili sauce grinder
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