Customer From Malaysia Visiting For Instant Noodles Plant

Two customers from Malaysia came to Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery to visit instant noodles machine plant, under the leadership of sales person Miss Elma. Customers plan to start business for making instant noodle in their own country, and now they own a factory for making rice noodle. They are planning to build a new factory to do a new business.
instant noodles plant
Fried Instant Noodle Machine Production Line: Flour Mixing- Dough Rolling- Noodle Slitting- Noodle Steaming- Noodle Cutting and Folding- Noodle Frying- Noodle Cooling- Noodle Packing.
Mixer, to mix and knead the dough.
Compounding Machine, to distribute ingredients evenly.
Rollers, to press the dough in a uniform thickness of 1mm. This process makes the dough more elastic.
Slitter, to make the noodles became wavy, to prevent each string stick to each other.
Steamer, to pregelatinize the starch.
Feeder, to cut the noodles into a desired length/shape.
Flash Fryer, to dry the noodles.
Cooler, to cool the dried noodles.
Feeder, to bring the noodles out of the cooler.
instant noodles making machine
The main ingredients for making instant noodles are flour, starch, water, salt, water, and of course eggs. The first thing to do is to prepare all the ingredients needed and the automatic noodle making machine will do the rest. The 50-meter long machine will perform all the processes of dried noodle manufacture. All you need to do is just make the dough, put it on the machine, all you will get the fine dried noodles in only a couple of minutes.
fried instant noodle line
LONGER Machinery is dedicated in manufaturing and offering high quality instant noodles machinery to worldwide customers. The equipments of instant noodles have covered over 30% of the sales market in China, reaching over thirty countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, East Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, winning approvals among customers both at home and abroad. 
instant noodles plant

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