Cone Dough Making Machine Sold to South Korea

cone dough machinepizza cones
Customer from South Korea ordered one unit of cone dough making machine. Customer owns a factory for processing dough into different pastry. This is the first time for customer to start a new business for making cone dough or pizza cones. We arranged our sales person to contact customer timely and suggest customer the suitable machine.
Cone dough making machine LG60A is with capacity 60moulds, which can be used process at most 60 pieces of the finished cones in one time (1-2 minutes). 
Dough cones (also known as the sweet tube pizza, reel pizza, hand roll pizza, pizza cones) originated in the romantic country of Italy. Italian culinary artists combine Italian ice cream and pizza (traditional iron pizza and ice cream cone) into Italian romantic art to create today's egg pizza. The shape is like a can of ice cream, which is handy, and how lovely and coveted it is to stand up. The production of mozzarella cheese, cheese, fillings layer upon layer into the egg tube plug, the egg tube filled, get the oven baking, baked in a few minutes.
Cone dough making machine is with stainless steel, automatically baking, which is perfect for making pizza cones.
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