Pork Skin Frying Machine To Australia

Customer from Australia ordered one unit of Pork Skin Frying Machine from LONGER Machinery. This pork skin frying machine is with stainless steel design, continuous frying. Feeding system is installed on the upper shelf, slag automatic removal system installed at the bottom of the tank. The utility model has simple structure, reliable operation, under the action of human force and torsional spring force, the upper body can be easy to maintain.
pork skin frying machine
A, The pot body part: 
1) Adopts 3 mm stainless steel plate, bottom plate thickness 4 mm, material for 304. 
2) Shell using 1.2 mm stainless steel plate, materials for 304, cold bending forming 
3) Water leak test after welding, make sure that there is no leakage. 
4) Main material is 304 stainless steel and other materials in the food industry. 
5) Between the shell and is equipped with aluminum silicate insulation materials, is 60 mm thick. 
6) Installs lowest drain valve. 
7) Add a spray cooking oil device in the material entrance, making product floating in the oil flow automatically into net belt. 
B, the mesh belt, mesh belt bracket parts: 
Mesh belt adopts frequency control of motor speed control. 
Mesh belt parameters: net belt the total width of 800 mm, mesh pitch 5 mm, 12 mm pitch, wire diameter 2 mm, tandem 8 mm diameter, string of 200 mm. The chain specification is 21.75 mm. 
Mesh belt bracket 4 mm stainless steel cold bending joint, material for 304. 
Platoon lampblack cover and mesh belt bracket can be independent, easy to clean. 
Bearing and bearing are all stainless steel materials. 
In 80, net belt clearance mm space for frying 
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