The Introduce Of The Corn Grain Dryer Machine

The grain dryer machine consists of two level spiral quick delivery,often used for drying some grains,such as rice, wheat,corn, soybean and so on. We also provide customers rice grain machine,corn dryer machine.The first level deliver the materials quickly into the barrel, and  the second level continuously rapid lift the raw material to the upper of the barrel and then throw the raw material with deliquesce scattered, while the hot air from the center of the barrel bottom blown out all around. Smoothly move the raw material from bottom to top to conduct a comprehensive heat transfer and dynamic drying process.
corn dryer machine
Because the raw materials inside the barrel are keep rolling, hot air continuously from the center so as to achieve mixing and drying simultaneously and can save time and energy.The material of barrel, screw blade, shaft, tank, holder which contact part of the raw material all use stainless steel.When need to clear material, just open the purging mouth, to make spiral reverse and start drying fan then can clear material, easy to operate.
corn grain dryer
Advantages of the machine:
1.The hot-blast air can’t penetrate completely, just heat some parts raw materials about the Ordinary Dryer Machine. 
2.So the raw material can’t reach the comprehensive drying effect if use the Ordinary Dryer Machine. 
3.Our new and advanced machine can print and record operation parameters under the control of PLC and HMI.
4.Inlet handling system consists of 3 grades filter
5.Exhaust air can be designed as the customers’ requirements.
6.Lifter unloading or vacuum unloading is designed to form dust free  unloading,meeting with the GMP.
7.Anti-explosion is optional to guarantee safety.
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