Advantage Of The Small Stainless Steel Grinder|Mill Machine for Oily Materials

This walnut milling machine is specially developed for the oily substances such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, beans, spices, food seasonings, etc., which are easy to produce oil and stick to the machine during crushing and grinding. It can be used for materials with high oil content. 
milling machine
Product advantage:
   1. The machine casing and the crushing tank are all polished by S304 stainless steel.
   2. The shape design meets the user's needs such as spare filters and brushes, etc., can be placed in the storage room, does not occupy space;
   3. The machine is small, easy to operate, smash evenly;
   4. It is quick and convenient to replace the filter screen;
   5. Cleaning the powder particles in the crushing tank, fast and simple;
   6. Use the material speed to speed up, crush the material with high oil content, use coarse screen, and vice versa, crush the material with low oil content or no oil, you can use fine screen;
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