Chili Powder Grinder Machine Sold to Kuwait

powder grinder machine
This is multi-funcational powder grinding machine from LONGER Machinery. This powder grinding machine uses the relative motion between movable and fixed fluted discs, the raw materialsto be crushed undertakes the comprehensive actions such as impacted by teeth, friction, impacted between raw materials are crushed. Its features are simple and solid in structure, stable in operation, high crushed efficiency. The crushed raw material can be discharged through the grinding chamber. Moreover, different size of raw material to be crushed can be got through exchanging screen with different mesh.
It’s inner wall is processed finely, so it is smooth and level.
This powder grinding machine is widely used to process various kinds of powder, like rice, salt, sugar, wheat, grain, chili, pepper, herbs, etc. The capacities range from 60kg/h to 1500kg/h, widely used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry foodstuff industry, grain industry and so on.
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