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Multi-purpose Spice Powder Grinder Machine|Salt Sugar Pulveriser Machine Price

  • Material: chili,spice,rice,grain,ginger,salt,sugar,etc
  • Capacity: 60-1500kg/h,can be customized
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


This Stainless Steel Multi-functional Grinder Machine can be used to process sugar, salt, herbs, chili, spice, maize, grain, rice, ginger, which is with wide application, popular in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry foodstuff industry, grain industry and so on.

chili,spice,rice,grain,ginger,salt,sugar,etc60-1500kg/h,can be customizedQingdao Port
This Stainless Steel Multi-functional Grinding Machine can be used to process sugar, salt, herbs, chili, spices, maize, grain, rice, ginger, turmeric, etc which is with wide application, popular in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry foodstuff industry, grain industry and so on.
chili powder grinding machine
This stainless steel spice powder grinder machine uses the relative motion between movable and fixed fluted discs, the raw materials to be crushed undertakes the comprehensive actions such as impacted by teeth, friction, impacted between raw materials are crushed. The features of powder grinder machine are simple and solid in structure, stable in operation, high crushed efficiency. The crushed raw material can be discharged through the grinding chamber. Moreover, different size of raw material to be crushed can be got through exchanging screen with different mesh. It’s inner wall is processed finely, so it is smooth and level.
herbal powder grinding machine
 Technical Data
Capacity(KG) 5-20 50-100 50-200 100-400 200-500 200-800
Discharge fineness 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120
Cutter diameter(mm) 150 200 300 350 500 550
monitor rate(KW) 1.5 4.0 5.5 11.0 15.0 18.5
Dust removal power(KW)   0.55 0.75 1.1 1.5 2.2
Total Weight(KG) 60 140 220 440 560 620
Dust removal weight(KG) 110 230 310 560 680 760
Dimensions(mm) 450*350*950 600*500*1170 750*600*1370 800*700*1450 850*950*1550 900*1100*1750
Dust removal size(mm) 800*500*1200 1000*500*1400 1200*700*1850 1350*900*2000 1400*900*2150 1600*1100*2300

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