Paddy Dryer Machine Sold to Uganda

Three customers from Uganda ordered one unit of paddy dryer machine from LONGER Machinery. Customer needs this machine to process paddy with capacity 1000kg per hour. This paddy dryer machine is with reasonable design, and easy to use.
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When using ordinary grain dryer to dry seeds or grains, the raw material is still, and the hot-blast air can’t penetrate completely, just heat some parts, so the raw material is easy to condense into pieces and to be jammed.
This new type paddy dryer machine manufactured by LONGER Machinery is with reasonable design and two level spiral quick delivery. The first level deliver the materials quickly into the barrel, and  the second level continuously rapid lift the raw material to the upper of the barrel and then throw the raw material with deliquescence scattered, while the hot air from the center of the barrel bottom blown out all around. Smoothly move the raw material from bottom to top to conduct a comprehensive heat transfer and dynamic drying process.
paddy drying machine
Because the raw materials inside the barrel are keep rolling, hot air continuously from the center so as to achieve mixing and drying simultaneously and can save time and energy.
The material of barrel, screw blade, shaft, tank, holder which contact part of the raw material all use stainless steel. When need to clear material, just open the purging mouth, to make spiral reverse and start drying fan then can clear material, the operation is very easy.
Customer felt sastfied with our machine after talking with our sales person to know every details, and they signed the contract and paid a deposit. The machine will be shipped to Uganda in 5 days.
paddy dryer
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