Brush Type Seashell Washing Machine Sold to India

seashell washing machine
One customer from India ordered one unit of brush type washing machine from LONGER Machinery. Customer plans to use this machine to wash seashell with capacity 1000kg per hour.
Introduction of Brush type Seashell washing machine:
Adopt brush principle, widely used to wash and peel round, oval type fruits and vegetables, such as apple, kiwi fruit, grapefruit, pear, peach, potato, carrot and so on.
The machine has a beautiful appearance and easy to operate, large cleaning and peeling volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation, long service life
Brush roll material through a special process (rolling from nylon cord), durable, good wear resistance. The brush type washing machine is made of high quality stainless steel, no rust, very clean, which can be customized according to customer requirements.
Model Power Capacity Dimension
GGCY-800 1.5kw 600kg/h 1400*850*800mm
GGCY-1200 2kw 1000kg/h 1800*850*800mm

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