Stainless Steel High Quality Peanut Washing Machine Hot Sale

The Brush type washing machine mainly consists of motor, gear box, and brush roller. The brush  is made of soft nylon material which does no harm to the fruits and vegetables washed. The Other parts are made of stainless steel, so it is anti-rust and anti-corrosion, in this way, the processed fruits and vegetables meet international sanitation standard. The machine we designed adopts the newest technology at home and abroad. It is the ideal washing equipment for ginger, potato, sweet potato, peanut and carrot. The special designed brush roller is durable when using it. 
peanut washing machine
The whole machine is equipped with these advantages, easy operation, high efficiency. Due to our good reputation, this type of machine has been widely used in food processing plants, school kitchens, restaurants, etc. With high technology, good quality, reasonable price  and excellent after-sale service, this machine is your best choice.
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