Complete Production Line of Bamboo Making Toothpick in Bangladesh

Customer from Bangalesh inquiried about the total production line of Bamboo toothpick Production line. After contacting via a few emails, customer decided to come to visit us. We have met on June 15th, talked about the raw material, the processing workflow, the packaing part, the after sale service installation and then singed contract. Customer said he hoped we arranged our technical/ engineer team and finance team then guide then it would be helpful for him the profitability.
toothpick machine

The total bamboo toothpicks produciton line need 5-7 workers .The capacity is 600000 pcs/8 hours.Diameter 2.2mm and the length 65mm with two sharpened ends.We also can match the machine according to clients need,such as if users need to produce a head of a carved bamboo toothpicks, to replace 9 machine with LG - 641 sharpening machine, 10 sets / 8 hours production in 500000, increased 5 LG - 641 machines, production of 3 million.
How to properly use a toothpick:
1, toothpick between his teeth for the best case there is the presence of voids, toothpick into the 45-degree angle, pointed toward the bite of the tooth surface, in contact with the source-side gap gums. Then use a toothpick to scrape the tooth surface of the source side along the tooth surface, root surface and root especially in the concave portion bifurcated, toothpick tip and side scraping tick source, and can be polished tooth surface. Shares have food impaction fiber, can do buccal lingual puncture action, food excised, then rinse.
2. To select the hard texture / easy to break, smooth surface, free of burrs and round or triangular cross-section is flat toothpick, it is best to buy the regular manufacturers of finished toothpicks to keep clean, do not clean with a small wooden stick. Wire, pins or matchsticks instead.
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