Details of Chicken Nuggets Processing Machine You Have to Know

chicken fry machineChicken nuggets processing line is mainly used to make fried chicken nuggets. This chicken nuggets processing line is automatic line and all machines are made of stainless steel.
High degree of automation continuous frying line. Automatic, manual lifting system, unique product delivery system, slag systems, heating systems, oil circulation system, exhaust system, electrical control system components. Use of safety, convenience, health, food processing ideal equipment. One of the most important chicken nuggets processing line is the continous frying machine.
 Continuous frying machine is suitable for medium and large enterprises to use fried food processing, widely used in meat, fried chicken wings, meat, crispy rice, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta and other fried food processing.This series frying line manufacturers use to give a high evaluation.
Equipment to electricity, coal, oil, or natural gas as the heating energy, food machinery machine using special materials.
Simple, safe, easy to clean, easy maintenance, saving fuel consumption. All using hooks or mesh belt conveyor product or frequency electromagnetic governor. Internal use of advanced technology, or water mixed with full oil filtration technology, completely changed the traditional structure of the frying equipment, the lifting of the drawbacks of the traditional frying machine fundamentally, and then guide the new diet fashion new century.

Continuous frying line high degree of automation, high efficiency, high yield, high product quality fried. It is in a large frying food processing enterprises ideal equipment.
Cooking Tips
1, when handling chicken to remove excess fat, so that regardless of cool hot chicken are delicious to eat;
2, by adding salad dressing to make the meat more fluffy;
3, when frying, try to flatten the chicken, crispy chicken enhance the taste;
4, master the oil temperature, after re-fried chicken can make a real exciting moment crunchy.
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