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What Equipment is Used to Process Nut Butter?

In addition to our common tahini and peanut butter, nut butters such as walnut butter, hazelnut butter, and cocoa butter have also begun to appear on the market. So, what equipment is used to process n


LONGER Machinery Boosts Peanut Butter Capacity in Kyrgyzstan

45 north latitude, known as the golden latitude of world agricultural production. With fertile land, sufficient sunshine and excellent water quality, Kyrgyzstan has wild nut forests in the world. The u


GULFOOD Manufacturing Exhibition Nov 8-10, 2022

Gulfood is a very strategic business platform for both buyers and sellers, providing both parties with the opportunity to negotiate business cooperation issues face-to-face.LONGER Machinery will attend


Drum Type Peanut Flavoring Machine For Industrial Use

Drum type peanut flavoring machine suitable for potato chips, pellet chips, snacks, peanuts, peas, beans etc. Snack food flavoring machine can be used alone or with production line.


Automatic Peanut Paste Making Machine|Peanut Butter Production Line

This peanut paste production line include the peanut roaster,peanut dry peeling machine,automatic feeding machine,grinding machine,vacuum degassing machine,cooling machine and so on.


Where to Buy a Continuous Fryer Machine For Pork Chicharrones(Pork Rinds)?

The amazing Pork Chicharrones or pork rinds is a popular snack food in many countries. To make fried pork chicharrones commercially, you need a high quality Pork Chicharrones Continuous Fryer. Where to


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