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LONGER Machinery Global Sourcing Festival - 2016

To thank the deeply love of all the new and old customers, LONGER Machinery will hold a promotional event.You get the best price of whole year and cash back for All Products listed on LONGER Machinery


Rice Dryer Machine Design and Price

Rice Dryer Machine adopts fully stainless steel with complete materials cleaning,design with bended hot air pipe for avoiding burn caused by powder in hot air pipe.


Belt type Automatic Nuts Roaster Machine|Commercial Dry Fruit Roaster Machine

For this kind of belt type automatic nuts roaster machine,it is consisted of Roaster Part and Cooling Part.The finished product is with room temperature,thus it can be packed or sell directly.Suitable


Which Machine Can Be Used to Make Egg Tart Shells

Which machine can be used to make Egg Tart shells? Today we are going to introduce this commercial egg tart shell making machine. This commercial egg tart shell making machine is imported schneider PLC


Multi-purpose Drum Type Nuts Roasting Machine

This drum type nut roaster machine is mainly used in sesame seeds, peanuts, beans, coffee beans, melon seeds, nuts, nuts, drying and baking heat is tasted, the rotary drum, and the principle of heat co


Manufacturer of Instant Noodle Machinery - Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery

LONGER Automatic instant noodle processing line with perfect technology, compact structure, original design and stable performance. it realizes high automation, convenient operation, low energy consump


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