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Peanut Chikki Making Machine|Groundnut Kadalai Mittai Plant

  • Material: peanut,sesame,cashew nut.etc
  • Capacity: 100-500kg/h,can be customized
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The peanut chikki making machine line is composed of heat preservation mixer,pressing machine,cross cutting machine,vertical cutting machine and other parts,which can automate one-stop production.

peanut,sesame,cashew nut.etc100-500kg/h,can be customizedQingdao Port
The peanut chikki making machine line is composed of heat preservation mixer, pressing machine, cross cutting machine, vertical cutting machine and other parts, which can automate one-stop production. The appearance of peanut chikki machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is suitable for the automatic molding of series of coarse food products such as popcorn, sachima, nut cakes, peanut chikki, kadalai mittai and corn crisps.
Main Performance of Peanut Chikki Making Machine
1. The peanut chikki production line is composed of heating and stirring, reciprocating and pressing, and automatic cutting, with simple operation, uniform product size and consistent weight.
2. Far-infrared heating, non-stick barrel wall, stir evenly, non-stick bottom.
3. Automatically control reciprocating motion, flatten evenly.
4. Automatic cutting machine, molding, product size, consistent weight.
peanut chikki making machine
The peanut brittle making machine is with features of continuous feed preloading and multi-roller roll automatic molding. The product surface is flat, moderate density, uniform thickness, and it truly realizes automation and intelligence. The peanut brittle making machine adopts variable frequency technology, and each department's actions are coordinated and precise by PLC control. For different products and processes to adjust the speed and thickness to achieve the best results of product molding.
Automatic peanut brittle forming cutting machine:
automatic peanut brittle forming cutting machine
Peanut brittle is popular in many countries, like India, Nepal, Saudi Arabic, Cambodia, and even Nigeria, etc. LONGER Machinery offers automatic and semi-automatic peanut brittle making machine or groundnut brittle bar making machine
 Technical Data
Model Power Capacity Size
Peanut Roaster 2.2 kw 180-250 kg/h 3000*2200*1700mm
Peanut Peeler 1.5 kw 400 kg/h 1100*600*1100mm
Sugar Cooking Pot   100 L 1320*970*960
Mixer 3.1 kw 3-8kg/time 800*1400*820mm
Molding Cutting Machine 3 kw 300-500 kg/h 6200*1800*1200mm
Packing Machine 2.6 kw 40-230 bags/min 3770*670*1450mm

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