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Automatic Chin Chin Production Line|Turnkey Chin Chin Machine Plant

  • Material: flour
  • Capacity: 50-300kg/h,can be customized
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LONGER Machinery provides Chin Chin Snack Production Line turnkey plant,with capacity 50-300kg/h,and offers video and installation.

flour50-300kg/h,can be customizedQingdao Port
Chin Chin is a fried snack from West Africa and is nowadays very popular in many places around the world. It is a crunchy fried dough of wheat flour and some other baking ingredients. In West Africa, Chin Chin usually contains cowpeas flour, and ground nutmeg is often added for flavor. Some producers also created flavors including cinnamon, lemon, vanilla and chili pepper. LONGER Machinery provides Chin Chin Snack Production Line turnkey plant that consists of highly reliable and fully automatic Chin Chin machines: Dough mixer, dough press machine, chin chin making machine, chin chin fryer machine, deoiling machine, automatic granules packing machine.
chin chin production line 
1.Dough Mixing Machine: This is the first machine of the chin chin making machine production line. the dough mixing machine, can guarantee the flour under the blender stirring evenly mixed with water.First, the irregular small pellets formed in the state of colloidal form, and then the small group of particles bonded to each other, gradually forming some scattered large clumps.As the agitator makes a series of functions such as cutting, folding, rolling, stretching and knead, the dough is made of a smooth, elastic and elastic ideal dough.
2.Dough Press Machine: This is the second chin chin making machine production line. We only need to place the dough in the lower conveyor belt of the dough press machine, and then automatically transfer, knead, press and fold.Reduced the machine and contact number, high safety coefficient, without artificial surface, greatly improve the work efficiency, it has the performance of the automation is to configure the rational equipment of all kinds of pasta processing production line.
3.Chin Chin Cutting Machine: The electric chin chin cutter machine consists of three processes, such as pressing surface, forming and conveying belt, which can be operated simply by one or two persons. This chin chin cutting machine can be used to process different shapes and sizes of chin chins, such as cube shape, strips shape, and triangle shape, etc
chin chin cutter machine
4.Chin Chin Frying Machine: This is the forth machine of the chin chin making machine production line. The chin chin frying machine has stainless steel material, automatic temperature control, explosive timing, automatic stirring, automatic feeding.
5.Chin Chin Deoiling Machine: This fried food deoiling machine can remove chin chin's excess oil.
6.Chin Chin Packaging Machine: This chin chin packing machine can extend chin chin's shelf life. It can tells us how to package chinchin.
 Technical Data
Number Machine quantity
1 Dough Mixer 1 set
2 Dough Pressing Machine 1 set
3 Chin Chin Making Machine 1 set
4 Chin Chin Fryer Machine 1 set
5 Deoiling Machine 1 set
6 Chin Chin Packing Machine 1 set

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