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Chips Snack Oil Removing Machine For Fried Food

  • Material: fryer food
  • Capacity: 200-700kg/h
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


Stainless steel centrifugal snack food oil removing machine is for removal of oil products increased quality,reduce costs,and extend the food shelf life.

fryer food 200-700kg/hQingdao Port
Stainless steel centrifugal food deoiling machine adopts centrifugal force works on food out of the pan after the implementation of the secondary processing de-oiling, for removal of oil products increased quality, reduce costs,and extend the food shelf life.
snack food oil removing machine
Full stainless steel snack food deoiler machine for dehydrated vegetables fried foods off the oil.De-oiling machine adopt the Anti-Shock System, the device will not shake the dewatering process using centrifugal principle, electromagnetic brake, digital automatic control, stainless steel, which is currently the most advanced vegetable dehydration equipment.
fried food oil removing machine price
Advantage of snack food oil removing machine:
1.Stainless steel centrifugal barrel and recycling bins device
2.The emergency braking device
3.Deceleration and gear
4.Inverter control devices
5.Stable stand
 Technical Data
Model Dimension Power Voltage Capacity
LG-400 1000*500*700mm 1.1kw 220v/380v 200-300kg/h
LG-500 1100*600*750mm 1.5kw 220v/380v 300-400kg/h
LG-600 1200*700*750mm 2.2kw 220v/380v 400-500kg/h
LG-800 1400*900*800mm 3kw 220v/380v 500-700kg/h

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