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Automatic 6 Roller Commercial Noodles Making Machine

  • Material: flour
  • Capacity: 200-300 kg/h
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


This is 6 roller noodles making machine,can be used to make fresh noodles,dry noodles,soba noodles,egg noodles and vegetable noodles.

flour200-300 kg/hQingdao Port
This commercial noodles making equipment can also be put into noodle production line, which can connect with drying line. Whole process can be finished automatically, highly effective as well as non stop continuous noodles making process.
noodles maker machine
The main features of Automatic 6 Roller Commercial Noodles Making Machine:
1) Use the chain drive, more smooth operation, safe and reliable, low noise 
2) Multiple sets of roller press, feeding evenly, tidy panel
3) Automatic noodles cutting, making noodles in one time, saving labor
4) Components contacting flour are made of stainless steel manufacturing, or by the special surface treatment 
5) Accord with national health standards.
6) Rotary cut is quieter, more energy saving.
commercial noodles machine
Operating guide of commercial noodle making machine:
1. Knead dough: Kneading dough is the first process production for noodles. Put the flour into the noodles machine to mix the dough, in accordance with the provisions of the 25%proportion adding water. Turn the power, make the dough and water mix evenly to granular.
2. Adjustment: Use the hand wheel to adjust the roll gap, in the adjustment process, sometimes, it is difficult to alignment the first time, the key is to figure our truth, grasp patience.
3. Operating: Put the marinated flour into the dough bucket, according to the knife and fix gear.
 Technical Data
Model Power Size Capacity(KG) Packing Size(mm) Weight(KG)
LG6-260 4KW 2200*700*1370 200-260 2250*750*1500 680
LG6-300 4KW 2200*750*1370 250-300 2250*780*1500 700
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