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Fully Automatic Spring Rolls Making Machine Factory Price

  • Material: Flour etc
  • Capacity: 1000-7000pcs/h
  • Loading Port: Any port of China


Fully automatic spring rolls making machine can replace the work of 2-4 employees, from automatic injeaction, filling and forming at a time.Capacity range from 1000pcs/h to 7000pcs/h

Flour etc1000-7000pcs/hAny port of China
Fully automatic spring rolls making machine can replace the work of 2-4 employees, from injeaction, filling and forming at a time, according to the size of spring rolls, it can be produced in multiple rows at the same time. At the same time, the machine can be connected with frying line and quick freezing line.
automatic spring roll making machine
Spring roll making complete production line is with Advanced design, sanitary and safety devices. It is the ideal solution for making identical quality and the tasty spring roll that can compete with handmade ones. Easy to operate. reassemble, clean, and maintain.
Includes: Spring Roll Pastry Machine, Filling Despositor, Cooling Conveyor, Cut and Seal Machine, Rolling and Gluing Machine.
industrial spring roll production line
The spring roll making machine is made of stainless steel, it can do automatic production from the wrapper/skin forming to the stuffing the spring roll. There are electricity or gas two kinds heating types.Our company has completed the integrated-production line including design, development, production, and sales-after service so that we can quickly respond to customer requirement and can obtain customer satisfaction. 


For spring roll wrapper machine
automatic spring roll wrapper making machine

 Technical Data
Model LG-CJX3000/7000
Production capacity 1800-7000PCS/H
Baking wheel speed 2-5r/min
Baking wheel diameter 1400mm
Production capacity 380V/50HZ 3-phase four-wire
Production capacity 10KW
Dimensions 9000mm*1500mm*2400mm (including cooling conveyor belt
And automatic stuffing machine)

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