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Macaroni Pasta Production Line|Macaronis Making Plant

  • Material: Durum wheat flour
  • Capacity: 100,200,350kg/h
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


Pasta Processing Line is new designed production line which adopts abroad advanced technology also combined with our engineer research.

Durum wheat flour100,200,350kg/hQingdao Port
Macaroni Pasta Noodle Processing Line is new designed production line which adopts abroad advanced technology  also combined with our engineer research.  
Pasta macaroni production line is produced by single-screw extruder through the single screw extruder or twin screw extruder high pressure extruding, high temperature heating finally through the Mould to form different Pasta shapes.
macaroni pasta making machine
The shape of the finisehd macaroni is like ring, round tube, square tube, sprial, shell, 3S, circle tube and so on according to change the mould on the extruder head.
The pasta quality can compare with Europe standard. The whole production line are made by stainless steel.The capacity can be customized according to customer’s requirement. Our product have gotten the high popularity in domestic and abroad.
Process flow of pasta production line: Flour mixing--feeding--extruding--cutting--drying--cooling--conveying--packing
Macaroni pasta making equipments List: Mixer→ Screw conveyor→ Extruder→Cooling Conveyor →Cutter → Dryer→ Cooling conveyor.
 Technical Data
Name Power Size Capacity
Raw Material Mixer 3KW
rev: 365turns/min
1000*500*800mm 20kg/time
Extruder and Molding Machine 54KW 3500*1050*1960mm  
Cooling & Cutting Machine 1.1KW 2700X630X1020mm  
Cooling Bed 0.24KW 1360*1000*400mm 20kg/time
Drying Bed 15KW 2950*1550*1000mm 400-500kg/time

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