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Automatic Cocoa Beans Peeling Crushing Machine|Industrial Cacao Coffee Beans Peeler

  • Material: cocoa beans,coffee beans
  • Capacity: 400kg per hour
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Cocoa beans peeling machine is a peeling machine for cocoa bean, coffee bean. The machine design is reasonable, simple operation, safe and reliable, high production efficiency, energy saving

cocoa beans,coffee beans400kg per hourQingdao port
Automatic industrial cocoa beans peeling machine is a peeling machine for cocoa beans and coffee bean. The cocoa beans peeler machine is with reasonable design, simple operation, safe and reliable performance, high efficiency and energy saving, which is a best choice for factory doing cacao processing business.
cocoa beans peeler machine
This stainless steel cacao beans peeling machine is made up by peeling roller, draught fan, proportion separating part, capacity 100 to 400kg per hour, automatic peeling and crushing in pieces.
Working principle of cocoa beans peeling machine: First feed the cocoa bean into hopper, uniquie to feed, grinding and peeling the cocoa bean by peeler roller, then suck the skin into the Cyclone to storage, after peeled, the coconut bean discharge. Through adjust the wind power, the size of the interval, then it can separate the skin and bean.
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cocoa beans roaster
 Technical Data


Capacity 400Kg/h
Power 2.2Kw
Voltage 380V
Peeling rate >99%
Dimension 130*80*130cm

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