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IQF Processing Line For Fruit Vegetables Instant Quick Freezer Machine

  • Material: french fries,potato,okra,carrot,corn,beans,vegetable etc
  • Capacity: 100kg/h
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IQF processing line is suitable for frozen fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, etc

french fries,potato,okra,carrot,corn,beans,vegetable etc100kg/hQingdao Port
IQF processing line is suitable for frozen fruits and vegetables like frozen french fries, sweet potatoes, yam, okra, carrot cubes, berries, tofu, beans, corn, broccoli, raisin, green peas, mushrooms beans etc Meat like chicken,beef, shrimp, fish, fish fillets, meatballs etc. Pastry like dumplings, glue pudding, buns and so on. IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) is a new type of single-unit fast freezing machine with energy saving, high efficiency and keep food freshness. Freezes fast. Freezing temperature can reach minus 60 degrees. This series of quick-freezing device is for freezing the fluidized monomers of fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood etc
IQF processing line
The fluidized bed is a circulating, smooth running mesh belt. The material will not be deformed or broken to the greatest extent during the freezing process. The mesh belt is continuously variable, with a wide range of speed adjustment. Users can change the mesh belt's running speed according to the different materials, thereby changing the freezing time. Use the latest quick-freezing technology to help your quick-freezing business succeed. 
IQF processing plant
Main features of IQF processing line:
Stainless steel structure, all aluminum clean evaporator;
Double-sided stainless steel polyurethane insulation board;
Imported inverter frequency conversion speed regulation, food grade all stainless steel transmission mesh belt;
LED digital display indicator, user-friendly operation and fault alarm indication board;
Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, which can adapt to the production of multiple types of quick frozen food;
The product area is fully stainless steel structure, high pressure cleaning device, energy saving characteristics thus reflects the machine's:
Food-grade stainless steel is used in the quick-freezing zone, and the heat preservation structure adopts double-sided stainless steel plate, rigid polyurethane insulation board, stainless steel surface protection board and frame, all-aluminum evaporator coil and large sheet variable pitch design for easy cleaning and defrosting.

 Technical Data
Name IQF(Individual Quick Freezing)Machine
Model LG-100
Machine Raw Material 304 Stainless Steel
Voltage 380v/50H
power 15KW
Capacity 100kg/h

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