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Rotary Vibrating Screen Machine|Granules Vibrating Sieve Machine

  • Material: granules,powders,mucilage,etc.
  • Capacity: Can be customized
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The vibrating screen is made up of an upright motor as an excitation source.The upper and lower ends of the motor are equipped with an eccentric weight to convert the rotary motion of the motor into a horizontal,vertical, and inclined three-dimensional motion,and then transmit this motion to the screen surface.

granules,powders,mucilage,etc.Can be customizedQingdao Port
According to the vibration body design of the vibrating screen machine, it is divided into:
A. Standard type rotary vibrating screen: suitable for screening various dry and wet materials.
B. Strong vibration high-efficiency vibrating screen: The vibrating type vibrating screen is 2-4 times of the vibration acceleration of the standard vibrating screen. In the process of screening materials, the output can ensure 2-4 times of the same model. According to the specific requirements of the screening materials, the vibrating screen can be divided into one layer, two layers, three layers, four layers of vibrating screen. According to the user's needs, it can be divided into standard vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen, edge-type vibrating screen, gate type vibrating screen, etc. The materials are mostly stainless steel and carbon steel. According to the different industries, it can be divided into flour sieve, powder metallurgy vibrating screen, medical vibrating screen and so on.
rotary vibrating screen machine
Rotary vibrating screen features
1. It is small in size, light in weight, convenient to move, and the direction of the discharge port can be adjusted arbitrarily. The coarse and fine materials are automatically discharged, which can be automated or manual.
2. High screening accuracy, high efficiency, any powder, grain, mucus can be used.
3. The screen is not blocked, the powder is not flying, the finest screening can reach 500 mesh (28 microns) and the finest filtration can reach 5 microns.
4. Unique grid design (female and child type), long-term use of the screen, convenient network change, only 3-5 minutes, easy to operate, easy to clean.
5. No mechanical action, easy maintenance, single or multi-layer use, the contact with the material is made of stainless steel (except for medical use).
vibrating screen
The working principle of the vibrating screen
1.The three-dimensional vibrating screen is made up of an upright motor as an excitation source. The upper and lower ends of the motor are equipped with an eccentric weight to convert the rotary motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional motion, and then transmit this motion to The sieve surface makes the material expand and involute on the screen surface, so the series of vibrating screens is called a vibrating screen.
2.The vibrating screen has the advantages of long track of material running and high utilization rate of screen surface. Adjusting the phase angle of the upper and lower ends of the hammer can change the movement track of the material on the screen surface. The material can be finely sieved and probability sieved. 
3.After the vibrating screen is started, the power device is the eccentric block with different phases at the upper and lower ends of the vibrating motor. Due to the high-speed placement, a compound inertial force is generated, which forces the vibrating body of the screen to perform the reciprocating motion, and the screen frame is vibrating.
4.Under the action of the continuous reciprocating motion, the ground is driven to drive the screen surface for periodic vibration, so that the material on the screen surface is directionalally moved together with the screen box, during which the material smaller than the sieve surface diameter falls through the sieve hole to the lower layer, to become a sieve under the material, the material larger than the sieve aperture is discharged from the discharge opening after continuous jumping movement, and finally the screening work is completed.
5.The trajectory of the vibrating body of the vibrating screen is a complex spatial three-dimensional curve. The projection of the curve on the horizontal plane is circular, and the projections on the two vertical planes are two identical ellipse. In practical application, by adjusting the relative phase of the eccentric block at the upper and lower ends of the vibration motor, the movement trajectory of the material on the sieve surface can be changed, thereby achieving different screening operations.

 Technical Data
Model                Power(KW) Screen machine
weight(mm) Number
of layers
LGSX400 1S 0.18KW/0.25kw 350mm 580×580×560 1
2S 580×580×670 2
3S 580×580×780 3
LGSX600 1S 0.25KW/0.55kw 560mm 800×800×750 1
2S 800×800×890 2
3S 800×800×1030 3
LGSX800 1S 0.55KW/0.75kw 760mm 900×900×750 1
2S 900×900×890 2
3S 900×900×1030 3
LGSX1000 1S 0.75KW/1.1kw 930mm 1160×1160×810 1
2S 1160×1160×950 2
3S 1160×1160×1090 3
LGSX1200 1S 1.1KW/1.5kw 1130mm 1360×1360×885 1
2S 1360×1360×1050 2
3S 1360×1360×1275 3
LGSX1500 1S 1.5KW/2.2kw 1430mm 1850×1850×990 1
2S 1850×1850×1185 2
3S 1850×1850×1380 3
LGSX1800 1S 2.2KW/3kw 1760mm 2200×2200×1050 1
2S 2200×2200×1250 2
3S 2200×2200×1450 3

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