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Vacuum Freeze-drying Machine|Automatic Fruit Vegetable Chips Freeze Dryer On Sale

  • Material: fruit vegetable chips,shrimp,fish fillets,crab meat,etc.
  • Capacity: 300kg/time
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


vacuum freeze dryer,also known as freeze dryer,is a drying technology that uses the principle of sublimation to dehydrate materials

fruit vegetable chips,shrimp,fish fillets,crab meat,etc.300kg/timeQingdao Port
Fruit vegetable chips vacuum freeze dryer or vacuum freeze dryer, also known as freeze dryer, is a drying equipment used for processing different kinds of fruit or vegetables, like chily, pepper, date, apple, corn, green beans, carrot, mushroom, celery, lemon, kiwi, etc. After the material is rapidly frozen, it is heated in a vacuum environment to analyze the water in the material, and then the water is frozen and stored by the water trap, and the material warehouse is kept in a dry state until the moisture in the material is completely sucked out to achieve vacuum freezing.The purpose of drying out water.
vacuum freeze-frying machine
Advantages of the fruit vegetable chips vacuum freeze-drying machine:
1.The nutrients are basically unchanged. Because it is dried under low temperature and poor (vacuum) conditions, the nutrients are almost undestroyed, especially heat sensitive substances.
2.The shape is basically unchanged. Because it converts water directly from the solid state into a gaseous state, the food structure does not change, but the space occupied by ice crystals forms voids.
3.The color is basically unchanged. Since the drying is carried out under low temperature and poor conditions, the physical and chemical properties of the food change little, mainly because the ability to respond to visible light does not change much after rehydration. The possibility of oxidation and enzymatic change is small, so the original color is easy to maintain.
4.The fragrance is basically unchanged. Because the fragrant ingredients in the food remain in the amorphous concentrated part during the freezing process, the scent does not escape with the ice crystals vaporized.
5.The quality of solid materials is basically not lost. Since the moving speed of the sublimated water vapor is small, the object is basically at a static state, and the mass loss of the solid matter is negligible.
6.Excellent rehydration and easy to eat. Since the water leaves a large amount of pores after drying, the rehydration is good, up to 95%, and the water is frozen and frozen, and can be completed in a few seconds to several tens of seconds.
7.Easy to store and long shelf life. Due to the high dehydration rate, no preservative is needed, and there is a long shelf life at room temperature.If the packaging is good, the shelf life can be more than five years. The product is light in weight, does not require cold chain storage, is convenient to store, and has low recurring cost. 
vacuum freeze drying machine price
 Technical Data
Model LG-30
Control method Automatic PLC control
The machine body material 304 stainless steel
Drying area 30m2
Capacity 300kg/time
Tray size 1300*580*40mm
Tray quantity 39 pcs
Tray material Aluminium alloy
Clapboard medium Conduction oil
Vacuum pump Rotary vane pump
Vacuum degree ≦130 Pa
Defrosting way Hot water spray
Compressor Bizl

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