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  • Material: flour,egg, water, etc
  • Capacity: Minimum 100kg/h,can be customized
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The hard & soft biscuit production line is developed by our company through digestion and absorption of advanced technology, which can make different shapes of biscuits.

flour,egg, water, etcMinimum 100kg/h,can be customizedQingdao Port
The hard & soft biscuit machine automatic biscuit production line is developed by our company through digestion and absorption of advanced technology. The biscuit making equipment is novel in design, compact in structure, and highly automated. It can be completed automatically from feeding calendering, molding, drying, oil spraying, cooling and packaging.

The automatic biscuit production line production process: Mixing flour with water, adding bulking agent, ameliorant and other auxiliary materials, and then forming, baking, cooling, stacking and packaging.
Introduction of Automatic biscuit production line:
1. When mixing low gluten wheat flour, water, sugar, milk, cream, oil, egg, the proportion of oil and sugar is Oil:Sugar=1:2; and Oil+Sugar: Flour = 1:2. The temperature of the finished batter is 26-28℃. The mixing time is 10-15 minutes.
2. The rotary moulding machine is continuous roll forming, stable operation, no impact, small vibration and noise, and no residual material. The whole machine is simple, compact and easy to operate.
3. The drive system of the tunnel baking oven transports the oven products and makes them have a suitable residence time in the oven to ensure the baking quality of the products. The transmission system includes the furnace belt, the transmission, the deviation adjustment mechanism, etc.

LONGER Machinery offers a complete set of automatic biscuit production line equipment, which is capable of handling all aspects of your manufacturing process. Please feel free to contact us at Email or Phone/ WhatsApp +8618537181190

 Technical Data
Model GG-BG400/420 GG-BG600 GG-BG800 GG-BG1000 GG-BG1200
Capacity 100-250kg/h 250-400kg/h 500-800kg/h 800-1000kg/h 800-1200kg/h
Inner Width of Tunnel Oven 400/420mm 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Heating Method Electric,Gas Electric,Gas Electric,Gas,Diesel Electric,Gas,Diesel Electric,Gas,Diesel
(without packing machine)
L45m*W5m*H2m L50m*W5m*H2m L100m*W5m*H2.5m L105m*W12m*H3m L120m*W15m*H3m
Voltage 380V 50HZ 3PH 380V 50HZ 3PH 380V 50HZ 3PH 380V 50HZ 3PH 380V 50HZ 3PH

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