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Service Policy

service policyAboard service policies of Zhengzhou LKONGER Machinery:
1. Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery guarantee the whole production line for 12 months;
2. Within the length of warranty, as for the products quality problem, the replacement components and expressage will be free of charge, but LONGER staffs’ traveling expense, daily accommodation and compensation will be paid according to standard; 
3. As for the problems happen out of the length of warranty, or caused by wrong operation or repair without authorization within the length of warranty, please feel free to contact Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery.
Collect our service charges as below:
1. Repairmen of Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery can apply for reimbursement according to their round-traveling tickets, the return ticket can be sent to you after LONGER repairmen come back.
2. The accommodation compensation for longer repairmen will be counted from the date of leaving LONGER company to the date of finishing repairing, and it can be applied for reimbursement according to  rules of LONGER machinery.
Promise of Delivery Date
The date of delivery  would be in accordance with users’ requirements as much as possible. In the case of special requirements for advancing delivery, Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery can particularly organize production and installation to strive to meet users’ requirements. In addition, sales manager of LONGER Company would keep track of the position of the goods and keep customer informed.
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