Almond Sorting and Shelling Processing Line

The working process of almond sorting and shelling processing line is: 
1. Using almond sorting machine to sort raw almonds into different grades by size.
2. The sorted almonds will be conveyed to different almond shelling machines. Each grade will be equipped with each one shelling machine to ensure the effect.
3. After shelling, the almond nut kernel and shellings will be conveyed to a separator machine to separate the kernel and hard shell.
almond shelling machine
This set of almond sorting and shelling processing line can also be used to process hazelnut and pistachio nuts with the same production process. This set of machines is with the advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost, simple adjustment to meet a variety of processing requirements, high productivity, good model test, especially for small and medium-sized production scale and multi-variety processing.
Before using almond shelling machine, you must check whether the shelling machine is placed smoothly to keep safe operation.
Then, it is necessary to check whether the fasteners are tightened to ensure that the screws are not loose, and then see if the rotating part of the flexible, whether the bearing lubricating oil.
To ensure that all parts of the elastic moderate, not too tight or too loose, rotating part of the flexible rotation, the bearing if the lack of lubricants, please fill the oil gun oil, must ensure that the lubrication between the bearings. Otherwise the shelling machine will not work smoothly.
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