Sunflower Seed Roasting Machine Sold to Ecuador

Customer from Ecuador ordered one set of Sunflower seed roasting line. The complete set of sunflower seed roasting line is consisted of cleaning machine, sunflower seed roasting machine, cooling machine, flavoring machine, conveyor etc. Customer owns a factory for processing roasted sunflower seed and sunflower seed butter. Customer requires capacity 500kg/h.
seed roasting machine
Machine name: Sunflower Seed Roasting Line
Certificate: CE
Origin: China
Sold to: Ecuador

LONGER Machinery offer different capacities, range from 300kg/h to 1000kg/h.The roasted nuts is delicious, sanitary with good colour.
This kind of sunflower seed roasting machine is multi-purpose for peanut, sesame, almond, cashew nut, chestnut, beans, pumpkin seed, walnut, hazelnut, pinenuts.etc
Originally set temperature of oven can be regulated via regulating proportional burner controller and parameter of electric steam valve at top of oven so that low temperature drying and high temperature baking can be finished.

1. The working principle: The material from the inlet to enter, through the whole closed high-calorie strong wind flow of the wind blowing material one by one, so that the material into the dry and humid into the same from the material out of the mouth.
2. Equipment material: the use of full sus304 stainless steel, nickel more than 8, all the body are industrial stainless steel square tube 40x60x3mm, with high-intensity circulating hot air blower, high strength air blower, high flow outside the exhaust fan, frequency control, semi-automatic control.
Transmission of all stainless steel conveyor belt, solid stainless steel drive shaft, FL / FP imported stainless steel bearing, food standard high temperature silicone plate chain.
3 Equipment advantages: product dry and humidity control, the product surface dry evenly, efficient and high yield, pipeline operations, save time and labor, a full set of equipment only one person operation.
4. Custom requirements: According to the manufacturers of different products, different lengths of different height and width of the equipment
5. For special customization can be provided by the purchaser technical requirements mutually agreed to give special custom.

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