Small Scale Commercial Chin Chin Frying Machine

chinchin frying machineSmall Scale Commercial Chin Chin Frying Machine is a kind of frying machine with round pan. This machine can also be used as noodle boiling machine. This frying machine, made of high stainless steel, with gas and electric heating type, is a non-smoking, multi-functional, water and oil mixed frying equipment, the equipment used in the world's most advanced oil-water hybrid frying process, completely changed the traditional fried equipment structure, fundamentally solve the traditional The drawbacks of frying.
The advantages of this frying machine: Scientific use of the proportion of vegetable oil and animal oil, so that the fried meat products leaching animal oil naturally sank into the lower layer of vegetable oil, so that the upper and middle working oil is always pure, can simultaneously fry a variety of food, not Chuanwei, Machine multi-purpose, can increase your business varieties. Improve the quality of the process can effectively control the oil content of food, the fried food not only color, smell and taste superb, clean and beautiful appearance, and improve product quality and extend shelf life.
Oil-saving The process of heating from the middle part of the reservoir to control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layer, and effectively alleviate the degree of oxidation of frying oil, the price increase, thus extending the life of frying oil, after my company's new frying machine for 5 -24 hours of oil for the determination of acid value, peroxide value and test values ​​were 1.40 and 0.062g / 100g, while the national food hygiene standards for the 4 and 0.15g / 100g.
The result is far less than national standards, greatly extending the use of frying cycles, reduce waste, frying oil than the traditional fry save more than 50%. Health The process allows the production of food residues in the process of frying food. Heavy metals quickly from the high-temperature zone sinking into the low-temperature zone, with the water drain, when the frying oil is too dry, the water layer can provide the appropriate frying oil layer of water, so that fried foods will not coking, carbonization, Control of carcinogenic substances.
To ensure that the health of consumers, this chin chin frying machine is environmental protection according to the environmental monitoring station announced the soot detection report, the average fryer emissions of oil smoke concentration averaged 6.16mg / m3, and I produced the oil and water mixed thermostat frying machine 1.96mg / M3, ordinary fryer 1/3 the following, conducive to the health of operators and environmental protection and energy saving unique product technology and scientific structure of the product users to save electricity, gas, coal and other energy sources.The process of heating from the middle of the oil layer, Control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layer, effectively alleviate the degree of oxidation of frying oil, inhibit the rise in acid value, in the frying process automatically filter residue, automatic temperature control, thus extending the life of frying oil. After continuous working test on the energy-saving frying pan of our factory, the peroxide value and the test value all reach the national standard, which greatly prolonged the using period of the frying oil and reduced the waste, saving more than 50% of the frying oil. Widely used in hotels, restaurants, fried chicken shop, fast food restaurants, guest houses, military, institutions, business canteens, fried food and food companies and chain stores and other enterprises.
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