Introduction of Manual Noodles|Hand-extended Noodles Production Line

The complete set of Manual noodles production line includes Feeding & Ripening Machine, Compound Roller, Continuous Roller, Noodle Cutting Machine, Automatic putting-up machine,etc.which can also be euipped with packaging machine,
The hand-extended noodles production line manufactured by LONGER Machinery is multi-functional, which can be used to produce many types of manual noodles with different sizes and shapes, like square shape,round shape and elliptical shape.
manual noodles machine
The complete line is characterized by stable performance,space saving,all with stainless steel design expect the roller,energy-saving and practical, in line with food hygiene requirements.
The production line with less investment and high rate of return on investment,is popular in European countries and Aisa, African countries.
hand-extended noodles machinehand-extended noodles
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