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Chowmein Noodle Machine|Manual Noodle Production Line

  • Material: Wheat flour
  • Capacity: 3.5T/8H
  • WhatsApp: 0086-18538123076


Manual noodle is one type of non-fried noodle,with a smaller device devotion,a big output,pure taste,and it is flexible to transform varieties,can produce green food.

Wheat flour3.5T/8HQingdao Port
Manual Noodle or Chowmein Noodle is one type of non-fried noodle, with a smaller device devotion,a big output,pure taste,and it is flexible to transform varieties,can produce green food.
Production Line Process Flow of Chowmein Noodle Machine|Manual Noodle Production Line
Flour feeding---adding water---mixing---dough aging---pressing---cutting and folding wave---streaming---stretching and cutting---entering trays automatically---high pressure sterilization and steaming---drying---cooling---packing.
Automatic Manual Noodle Productino Line:
1.Flour pneumatic feeding system ( Optional part)
2.Flour mxing /dough mxier 
3.Dough sheet rolling  
4.Noodle slitting  
5.Noodle steaming
6. Noodle cutting 
7.Noodle colling

 Technical Data
Name Quantity Remarks
Brine Mixing Machine
1set  Cubage 1000L, Power 1.5kw
Liquid Supply Pump 0.75kw,
Stainless Steel Made
Brine Measurement Device 1set Cubage 100L,Stainless Steel Made                      ,
Liquid Supply Pump 0.75kw
Automatic water system.
and Double-Speed
Dough Mixer
1set Power 9-11kw. Mix 200kg of Flour Each time,
The main parts are Stainless Steel Made.
Softening Machine 1set Power 4kw. Volume 1600×700×550 mm .
The main parts are stainless steel made.
Single rolling machine 1set Roller width 350mm. Power 15kw.
7 sets of rollers. Steel made body.
Frequency Conversion Actiyator.
Stainless steel protecting boards .
Electrically Controlled Cabinet 1set Frequency Conversion Actiyator.
Exclude the power source and wires
blade 3 pieces High-quality carbon steel, high-frequency quenching.
For noodles and shredded.
lever machine 1set  High-quality carbon steel, power 0.37kw.            
Pick lever machine 1set Stainless steel, and to supporting the use of the rod for the production of straight noodle
Noodle bar 1000 pieces Stainless steel. And lever machines to pick lever machines.
Stroller 3 sets Stainless steel, each upper and lower two carts
steam boiler 1 4 meters long, adjustable pressure
Conveyor 1 Stainless steel, food conveyor belt, used to operate into the box, the dough into the drying box,
drying to prepare
Drying Machine 1 Main Power 1.5kw. 1 layers.
Automatic temperature control.
Conveyor 1 Main power 0.37kw
Mechanical stepless regulation.
Worn-out Components 1 set Chain, gear, belt and other accessories.

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