Market Analysis of Instant Noodle Machine

In 2011, the scale of China's food manufacturing enterprises to facilitate the main business income of 254.8 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 40%; total profit of 18.29 billion yuan, an increase of 49.88%.
During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China will vigorously promote the rapid development of the convenience food manufacturing industry and increase the development of new food products to meet the needs of the market segmentation in the 12th Five-year Development Plan of China's food industry. "Plan" is expected by 2015, to facilitate the scale of output value of food manufacturing 530 billion, an average annual growth of 30%, the formation of 10 sales of more than 10 billion yuan of large convenience food processing enterprise groups.
In the past people have always thought that China's instant noodle production line production efficiency is low, high energy consumption, stability and reliability, product shape backward, rough appearance, basic parts and accessories life is low, made of pneumatic parts and electrical components of poor quality, With the prosperity of China's commodity economy and people's living standards improve, instant noodles production line and packaging technology prospects are very optimistic. In recent years, the state has increased the quality and safety of food and drug supervision, food production and processing and packaging technology have put forward new requirements. A number of food production enterprises have invested funds for packaging equipment, technological innovation and production technology innovation, to a certain extent, to enhance the level of China's food industry and market competitiveness.
Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery Instant Noodle Equipment using new materials and new technology, with high degree of automation and high production efficiency. Instant noodles are also called as qick-served noodles, boiling noodles, cup noodles,ripple noodles, and it is known as the doll noodles in Hongkong, which is a kind of flour food that can cooked and eaten with hot water in a short time.
The main ingredients of instant noodles are wheat flour, palm oil, seasoning sauce and dehydrated vegetables, etc., which are all the necessary ingredients to supplement the body's nutrition. Instant noodles are popular among people in the very beginning because of its health, nutrition, delicious, and convenience.

LONGER® Instant Noodle Processing Plant Parameter (Taking bag type fried instant noodles as example)

Capacity(Weight of each pack) Power Boiler Floor Space
60,000/8h(60grams) 45kw 1T 65×4×4m
80,000/8h(60grams) 55-105kw 1T 70×5×4m
120,000/8h(70grams) 130kw 2T 85×6×5m
160,000包/8h(70grams) 140kw 3T 90×6×6m
200,000/8h(70grams) 170-1485kw 4T 100×9×6m

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