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Ice-cream bar (also known as ice cream sticks, popsicles sticks) based on birch as raw material, bucking, cooking, peeling, peeling, cutting, drying, grinding, sorting, testing and packaging production process smooth texture, moderate strength, complete specifications, low prices, characteristics meet national health standards for ice cream, hot dogs and other cold drinks and food for the purposes of the handle wooden products.
The main raw material for making ice cream bars is wood, after peeling machine, engraving and cutting machine, side to take (optional equipment), Grinding (optional equipment) and a series of production lines, processing into finished ice cream stick, tongue depressor of Equipment.
ice cream bar production line
I plant in the production process of many years of ice-cream bar, take major peeling machine manufacturers the director, well-designed, it is the industry's most high-quality products. This peeling machine main motor adopts frequency control, plus auxiliary calories claw, external electromagnetic clutch, high production efficiency, is 1.5 times that of other similar peeling machine productivity. This product is durable, all gears are made of 45 # steel, tin bronze nut and the turbine 663 # material, other similar peeling machine service life 3-4 times. In practice it proves reached: the provincial manpower - High efficiency - and low power consumption advantages.
Moreover, the ice-cream bar manufacturers can also according to customer requirements and packaging (such as stigma, dyeing, etc.), from the lower timber, steam sterilization, Flayer, to peeling, cutting, drying, polishing, selection of packaging, then Quality primary, secondary quality control, automatic sorting machine ...... go down step by step, through the most rigorous process of manufacture.

The total ice cream bar production line consists of Carve Cutting Machine,Bundling machine, Rotary drying machine,Branding machine, Rotaty cutting machine,selecting machine, and other machines according to customers' request.
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