Famous Brands of Instant Noodles

Famous Brands of Instant Noodles: 
China Taiwan: TongYi, Vedan, peacekeeping forces, Master, Ve Wong
China: white elephant, Owen, grains temple, uniform (from Taiwan), Tingyi (from Taiwan), White House fans (fans made their instant noodles)
Hong Kong: instant noodles, peach cards dough king, Unity blessing literally
Japan: Nissin Food "out of a small front" and "Cup Noodles Cup Noodle" (The product also has set up production plants and sales in Hong Kong and mainland China, but the quality varies)
Malaysia: Maggi (MAGGI), once the gold surface, unique, Mummy (MAMEE)
South Korea: agricultural heart of the "Shin Ramyun" (Hong Kong, commonly known as "hot face"), Samyang Ramen Samyang Food
Thailand: "Mama" brand instant noodles (ie Hong Kong sales of "Mummy face," usually dry food
Interestingly: Thailand in 2005 on the use of "Mama instant noodles index" Mummy to face sales as a reflection of changes in economic indicators (economic increase and decrease the number of sales and Mummy face negative correlation). In recent years, Thailand's economic development, and gradually climbed after the 1997 financial crisis, steady growth in sales Mummy face. But the economic downturn in Thailand in 2004, sales rose 5% Mummy face immediately, the first seven months of 2005 rose by 15% more. This phenomenon is because cheap instant noodles, when the case of an economic downturn, people will buy food and clothing for the instant noodles the day to day, it is only mummy face sales increased substantially.
instant noodles
Indonesia: Indomie
United States: Ramen
Cooking Methods of Instant Noodles:
In addition to instant noodles can be eaten, but in some areas it was also a way to cook instant noodles to eat, such as a general way to cook the noodles cook instant noodles. Kinmen Taiwan and other regions popular kind of fried instant noodles, instant noodles, boiled is to later, and then the next Guo Chao, along with leaves or eat pork.
While the noodles are designed to be eaten after brewing, but some people do not eat by making it directly in Taiwan, some brands of instant noodles, for example, "the prince", "science side", produced in Thailand, "Mummy face", etc., it is the most direct crushing mixed seasoning powder (or re-shake) eaten as a snack. It is said that this way of eating is likely to be pupils invention.
In Taiwan, lo vendors sometimes with noodles as one of the materials.
In Hong Kong, the cafe can eat "fishing D" is the way to eat instant noodles to noodles to eat spiced diced placed on the surface of the mix; also fried instant noodles, and put the cooked noodles in a Pack different way of eating cheese for other ingredients. <B in Macau, the Portuguese Wing Cafe to eat a small taste of the former, such as turmeric pork, duck breast smoke, salty cattle profits and so on.
In Korea, there are also the use of instant noodles pot forces as an ingredient.

The Production of Instant Noodles:
Now commercially available instant noodles, the vast majority are in the factory to mass production machine, barely see the handmade noodles. Because most of the factory production of packaging, packaging to distinguish people mostly instant noodles: bowl is made from polystyrene (commonly known as Port: styrofoam; commonly known as Taiwan: Styrofoam) bowl or bowl package of instant noodles, cup noodles are cups packaging, another is common in plastic or paper packaging, place yourself when you want to eat a bowl of hot water to brew. On the noodle type, since the first appeared in the Japanese market, so early is more instant noodles Japanese noodles, then gradually have different udon noodles and the like.
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