Instant Noodle Making Machine

How to make Instant Noodles? LONGER offers different capacities of Instant Noodle Making Machine
The total set of instant noodle making machine consists of Brine metrology mixer> Supply metering device> Double speed dough mixer> Disc curing machine> Single continuous rolling machine> Single-layer steamed noodles machine> Cutting and folding machine> Fried dryer> Strong Air cooling device> Shunt conveyor> Conveyor> Products conveyor> Electric control cabinet
The main process of instant noodle making machine is the feeding - mixing - proofing - rolling - shredding - cooking - cutting - fried - cooled - packaging - storage.instant noodle processing
1,Feeding usually using automatic system for the powder, can greatly reduce labor intensity low, while increasing measurement accuracy.
2,Mixing. After mixing flour and starch in dough mixer, adding quantitative brine, and noodle machine mechanical agitation, wheat flour gluten protein particles gradually swelling, stick to one another, forming a certain flexibility, extensibility, stickiness and plasticity gluten network
3, Proofing
Dough Role:
Dough action of ripening, i.e. and loose dough surface after the into a low-speed stirring vessel, at room temperature by the passage of time to improve dough manufacturability, by aging dough moisture more fully, evenly, penetrate into the wheat flour , protein, starch fully absorb, make the gluten network more stable, and is a continuation of the surface.
Major equipment:Dough Trough: dough repository mixed and allowed to aging. Stirring Rod: a low-speed operation outside the rod-like structure, the dough into the complex feeding mechanism, to ensure continuous production and to prevent caking dough was allowed to stand.
4, Rolling
Composite rolling principle
Composite: loose dough dough tank through a feeding mechanism, the feed flaking rolls to form a dough sheet, two-sided sheets into a composite patch, called the complex, then the dough thickness of about 5-7mm.
Rolling: the dough sheet composite of its thicker, can not be directly used to cut noodles, mash can be used in the manufacture of noodles. Composite sheet behind by 5-7 of calender rolls role gradually from thick mash to form a dough sheet can be used to cut, in which case the thickness generally around 1mm.
5, Shredded
By making the cut surface of the composite blade after rolling into square or circular cut with spaghetti.
Below the filter system can be fitted with a stainless steel wire woven continuously variable pore mesh belt, mesh belt line speed through the line speed is less than spaghetti, due to the speed difference, through the filter system noodles subject to certain resistance, back and forth , twisted, piled into a crest erected, before and after the peak phase by wavy.
Shredded molding process requirements are: noodles smooth, free and strip, corrugated neat, appropriate density, equal branches, with no connection between trekking.
6, Cooking
Cooking principle: flour starch granules absorb water at a certain temperature, humidity, rapid expansion of rupture, its molecular structure by the state to the tightly packed β α (disordered) state changes, known as gelatinized starch, noodles, cooking the main achievement of this process.
7, Cutting
Cream sauce: the soft water (or add some seasonings) poured into the noodles, soft noodles to straighten or conducive to the sliding surface
Stretch: pour the steaming noodles (container side) juice after straightening, to cut
Off: the length of the steamed noodles cut to achieve fixed-length cut
Fold: to cut noodles (bag face) is folded in two, initially with the bread shape
fried instant noodles
8, Fried (If you want to produce non-fried instant noodles, just changing the frying mould)
Fried is to cut the dough into quantitative automatic fryer surface box manipulation of continuous high temperature of tank, dough surrounded by a high temperature of oil up, the rapid rise in temperature itself, which contains parts of the rapid vaporization of water, the original present in the pasta water to escape quickly, to make the noodles to form a porous structure, but also further increase the degree of gelatinization of starch noodles, when the dough soaked in hot water can easily enter these pores, which have a very good rehydration, on the other hand, due to the rapid drying fried, steamed state fixed gelatinized starch, greatly reducing the instant noodles in the finished product, storage and transportation of the "regenerative" speed, keeping the rehydration of instant noodles, dehydrated the purpose is to reduce the moisture in order to facilitate storage.
9, Air-cooled
Hot bread packaging without cooling directly generated by water vapor, resulting in moisture mold, the cooling of the hot fried bread cooling by about 120 ℃ cooled to room temperature higher than about 5 ℃ (35 ℃ -40 ℃), for subsequent packaging do ready.
Forced cooling mode
1, a hair from the top down: fried dough through the fan cooling down box at the top of hair to achieve cooling purposes.
2, the hair from the bottom up: fried bread cooled by a blower box below the hair upward achieve cooling purposes, currently used in this way.
10, Packing
Bread packaging and package materials and other accessories through a sealed package, to achieve the purpose of preventing the deterioration of bread to absorb moisture, extend shelf life, easy to transport and sale. Wherein the container surface using packaging container, and with a fork, you can brew directly in the container and food, very convenient.
The total set of instant noodle making machine with perfect technology and compact structure,is developed on the base of like products and requirement in the world market. It realizes high automation, convenient operation, low energy and small floor space, that assures all working procedures from feeding flour to finished products can be accomplished once.

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