Price of Total Machines Used to Make Toothpicks

Toothpick is a small stick or bamboo, to clear the slug tooth crevices. In fact, toothpick oral hygiene is an important tool, it has more than 2000 years of history. Because of its small size, the material is usually made of wood or bamboo, and can easily be reduced to ashes, so it's low status, the history indeed left little evidence of toothpick invention. Fortunately, Chinese archaeologists unearthed gold toothpick system formed, probably made in the late Han Dynasty period of years. This gold toothpick, although a minority of the royal family, but not all ordinary people, but it can still prove 3rd century AD, China has a toothpick. In addition to removing a toothpick inserted into the food debris between the teeth, can also effectively remove plaque, tartar. In addition, the proper use of toothpicks can be used as a daily supplement brushing, helping us better protect the teeth.
toothpick machine
What are the total machines for making wood toothpicks and bamboo toothpicks? The total wood toothpicks production line consists of Wood lamination machine,wood filament machine,wood filament set-size machine,Toothpick set-size machine,Toothpick polisher,Toothpick ordering machine,Toothpick sharpener,and Multipurpose sharpener.
The total bamboo toothpicks production line consists of Bamboo sawing machine,Bamboo dissection machine,Bombined flaker,Bamboo filament shaping machine,Bamboo filament set-size machine,Polishing machine,Toothpick set-size machine,Toothpick finishing machine,Toothpick sharpened machine, and Knife Sharpener.
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