The Total Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment

Cleaning - Broken - Separation - In addition to sand - concentrated refining - dehydration - drying - product packaging
Process principle:
1, the basic principle of cleaning
Mainly clear sweet potato stick with the outer skin layer of sediment, and sweet potato tuber skin wash removed. As a raw material for the production of starch fresh sweet potatoes or basic, it is to ensure the quality of starch basis, cleaning the net, the better the quality of starch.
2, the basic principle of breaking
Sweet potato starch is mainly stored in the fleshy part of the root, only a small amount of storage in the endothelium. Crushing purpose is to destroy the organizational structure of the sweet potato, so tiny starch granules can be smoothly separated from the disintegration of the tuber. Mass remaining in the waste inside cells called bound starch, crushed fresh potato processing is the most important step, it is related to the rate of fresh potato flour and starch; starch released from the cells, known as free starch .
3, the basic principle of screening
Sweet potato residue is elongated fiber, greater than the volume of starch granules expansion coefficient greater than the starch granules, the proportion of the starch granules and lighter than the crushing of puree, water as a medium, the starch potato residue containing Whey further filter out.
4, in addition to the basic principles of sand and refining
Mud, sand specific gravity than water, is greater than the proportion of starch granules, according to the principle of gravity separation using a cyclone to remove sediment, can achieve more satisfactory results. Refined further refined starch.
5, concentrating principle
The starch and protein with water, phase separation of fine fibers, increasing the concentration of starch, starch to improve the quality and reduce the number of sedimentation tanks, improve processing efficiency.
6, the basic principles of dehydrated
Concentrated or precipitated starch still contains more water, in order to further dewatered and dried.
7, the basic principle of drying
Air drying the entire process time is currently starch plant is generally used at the moment completed, so the water was too late gelatinized starch granules inside has been dried, it will not happen gelatinized or degradation phenomena.
Air drying is the drying process, namely wet powder material with the hot gas stream and process flow, heat and mass transfer by the two processes. When wet starch in contact with the hot air, hot air heat transfer to the wet surface starch and then transferred from the surface to the interior, this process is heat transfer process; at the same time, wet starch in the water from inside the material in liquid or gaseous spread to the surface of the starch, the starch from the surface to diffuse into the hot air through the gas film, which is a mass transfer process. In high-temperature air is balanced with the wet starch in the dry heat exchange tube, the dried starch in powder form, can be installed after the cooling package storage.
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