The Development of Instant Noodles

Instant noodles, also known as instant noodles, cup noodles, instant noodles, instant noodles, instant noodles. Southern commonly referred to bowl, Hong Kong is called instant noodles, a can in a short time with hot water with cooked pasta. Broadly it refers to a can in a short time with hot water with cooked pasta, related dishes such as the return of instant noodles, instant noodles and salads; usually refers to the narrow sense of instant noodles from the bread, seasoning packet and sales of refined oil composition of the market in bags and cup or bowl majority. Momofuku Ando invented instant noodles 1958, with the accelerated pace of life and the need for travel, instant noodles is one of simple food of modern life indispensable. Instant noodles are cut out by the cooking of noodles, fried noodles make a fixed shape (usually square or round), before eating boiled water to dissolve seasonings and noodles heated brew open at a predetermined time (within 3 minutes) can be consumed within the instant convenience foods.instant noodles plant
The principle is the use of palm oil, instant noodles will be noodles cooked and seasoned cured, and compressed into blocks, brew with hot water before eating, palm oil dissolved in hot water, heating and noodles soaked, within a few minutes edible. Palm oil is the main component of saturated fatty acids, solid at room temperature. Of saturated fatty acids is not easily oxidized, but about the human health. In order to avoid palm oil oxidation, manufacturers also added vitamin E as an antioxidant.
Instant noodles according to the process division are: fried instant noodles, non-fried instant noodles, wet noodles three. Instant noodles according to the process equipment is mainly divided into three categories: traditional equipment fried instant noodles, non-fried hot dry wind equipment, wet noodle production three devices.
The Automatic instant noodles production line the production flow chart: wheat flour, dressing mixer →curing machine →Composite continuous rolling→steamed noodles → frame cutting→folding → deep fry → cooling → packing.

Many people consider instant noodles and french fries, hamburger together comes down to junk food, but in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, held its sixth Chinese pasta industry conference, the experts pointed out that not only instant noodles instead of junk food, nutrition and more comprehensive, the human body needs the six nutrients are all available. Instant noodles to eat more will affect human health, because of instant noodles surface wax layer. Instant noodle manufacturers in order to get ranked good-looking, easy to sell, plus a layer of wax in the surface layer, and this layer is a layer of wax on the human body great harm, often edible, wax layer in the stomach if the row is not out, are carcinogenic. The correct approach is to eat instant noodles, instant noodles first with warm water to soak, wash it again, the wax layer of water has drained before being placed in boiling water cooked. If you do the above process, it is recommended to eat instant noodles best every three days, because of the wax layer of the stomach to exclude three days time. On the other hand a large number of frequent consumption of instant noodles, will make the body at risk.

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