How to Make Sesame Tahini?|About The Sesame Tahini Making Machine

Tahini is a sesame seeds ground into a powder and modulation sauce, usually sesame oil output simultaneously. According to the material used sesame color, it can be divided into white and black sesame tahini. Also divided into raw tahini (sesame flour before not fry) cooked and tahini (sesame mill before fry). Is a more viscous semi-solid, often covering the top layer of sesame oil, sesame also makes non-perishable. Sesame should be refrigerated after opening. UHT makes it more difficult to eat sesame paste.
sesame tahini making machine
Various spices, only in case of having salt salty sesame, sugar sweetened case alone could eat very fragrant ability. Sesame and food with not only enriches the flavor of the meal, but also improve the nutritional value of meals. Sesame coated on bread slices, is the "Oriental sandwich." It is probably the most common way of eating noodles bar, and colored fresh vegetables and cut wire spread on the face, then topped with sesame scented, tasty attractive.
What are the main advantages of sesame tahini?
1. Sesame rich in linoleic acid, lecithin, vitamin E, linoleic acid up to 50%, has the effect of softening blood vessels
2. The amount of calcium sesame more regular moderate consumption of bone, tooth development has benefits;
3. sesame iron than liver, egg yolk are several times higher, regular consumption not only for the adjustment of partial eclipse anorexia have a positive effect, but also to correct and prevent iron deficiency anemia;
4. Sesame is rich in lecithin, prevents hair prematurely white or off;
5. One of sesame is among the shabu-shabu stick material, good sesame flavor can play a role, this is the hot sesame benefits.
How to make sesame tahini? LONGER machinery offers you sesame tahini total production line with capacities range from 100kg/h to 1000kg/h, with high output, advanced product design and technology, stable and reliable stainless steel,different capacity to meet customers different demand, output, good effect, saving time and effort, energy efficient, safety and health without pollution.

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