Commercial Pumpkin Seed Dehulling Machine For Sale

pumpkin seed dehulling machine
The processing process of Pumpkin seed dehulling machine:
    (The pumpkin seeds are divided into 6-7 levels) - spices and boring materials - by level Separate shelling - Finished product drying - Finished product storage - Cleaning packaging - Sales.
    [Features and features]
The pumpkin seed dehulling machine manufactures by LONGER Machinery is my company's own intellectual property rights of the patented product, with three national patents, to achieve the white pumpkin seeds (pumpkin seeds, horns seeds) shelling, skin removal and sorting.
Main features of pumpkin seed dehulling machines:
    ① using wet hulling
    ② through the original shelling machine improvements, so that the higher efficiency of the shell and nuts broken rate is lower.
    ③ application of the cycle of shelling, that is, no shelling seeds automatically into the next shelling cycle;
    ④ in the collection of leather processing, the use of vibration negative pressure sorting instead of blowing way, reducing the dust generation.
    ⑤ increase the sorting sieve and screening area, so that can be fully sieved, to reduce the kernel back to the shell caused by crushing,
    ⑥ can be replaced by screening sieve section, processing different specifications of white melon seeds.
    ⑦ compact structure, low loss, easy operation and maintenance
The main parameters of pumpkin seed dehulling machine:
    Equipment power: 8.19 kW (380 volts)
    Whole kernel rate: ≥ 95% (the whole kernel of the following half of the broken kernel)
    At the end of the machine, the grain content of the hair: ≤ 2%
    Processing capacity: 200-300 kg / hour (varies by material)
    Area: 6.5 m × 2.9 m
    Installation height: 3.5 meters
    Equipment weight: 2.5 tons
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