Video of Sesame Tahini Processing Line


Sesame tahini processing line is consisted of sesame washing cleaning machine, sesame drying machine, sesame roasting machine, cooling machine, packaing machine and some conveyors.
The production process of sesame tahini processing line:
Raw materials  → washing cleaning→ drying → roasting → grinding → cooling  → packaging → boxing → finished product
1. Sesame washing cleaning: 
Sesame washing machine is with spiral blade mixing principle, to remove the sesame dust, gravel, nails, etc., with automatic cleaning, automatic separation, automatic wind feeding, etc., sesame clean, non-polluting, simple operation and other characteristics, is sesame Processing, sesame baking, sesame oil extraction industry preferred machine. Production capacity: 500 --- 800 kg / hour.
2. Sesame drying:
After washing, the sesame will be dried in a drying machine. The object is heated evenly, the heat exchange is full, the drying intensity is high, saves 30% -50% than the ordinary dryer energy saving,
Vibration source is driven by vibration motor, running balance, easy maintenance, low noise, long life.
4. Cooling down: After drying the sesame seeds into a special cooling pool for cooling, cooling to 25 ℃
5. Sesame roasting:
Sesame roasting machine is with electric heating, coal heating, natural gas heating and other formats, the advantages of simple operation, easy to use, baking uniform, non-polluting, mainly for sesame seeds, coffee beans and other granular materials baking.
6. Tahini grinding:
The roasted sesame seeds are put on a stone mill for grinding, the grinding speed is 45 rpm, and the grinding time is 100 kg / 60 min until the sesame finish reaches 80 mesh.
7. Cooling: The grinded tahini will be put into cooling machine for cooling.
8. Filling: The bottle is sterilized before entering the packaging compartment, and the net content is strictly controlled during canning.
9. Product testing
Inspectors in the package workshop randomly selected samples, in accordance with the relevant standards for testing the product. Do the original record and issue a test report.
10. Outer packing
Inspection of qualified products into the outsourcing workshop for packaging, packaging bags and cartons for the production date, the name of the label and the net content of the test.
Container storage and transportation:
    1. Processing of products in the packaging between the large packaging, packaging between the UV lamp disinfection facilities.
    2. Treasury regular disinfection, warehouse temperature control and relative humidity.
    3. Product delivery with proprietary food vehicles.
    6. cool down
    After drying the sesame seeds into a special cooling pool for cooling, cooling to 25 ℃
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