Which Company Can Produce For Pasta Macaroni Machines in China

macaroni making machine
Macaroni is the famous pasta of Western countries, with solid and hollow points. Also known as macaroni, internationally collectively known as McCallone, is a wheat flour as raw material flour products. Macaroni can be left in the hollow macaroni, eat it is not easy to dry.
Macaroni is an international surface products, China can be said to introduce, digestion and absorption of Italian products. China in the past it translated as "macaroni", in fact it is also a flour made of raw materials made of noodles. 
How to make macaroni? There are two ways for processing different types of macaroni.
① Long macaroni: long pass heart production process:
Raw materials → the first and the surface → the second and the surface → extrusion molding → hanging → pre-drying → the main drying → cooling cut → packaging → products.
② Short macaroni (snail class): short macaroni production process:
Raw materials → the first and the surface → the second and surface → extrusion → drying → cooling → packaging → products.
Which company can produce for pasta or macaroni machines in China? LONGER Machinery is a top manufacturer of different kinds of noodles making machine, in which pasta macaroni making machine. LONGER brand pasta macaroni making machine is new designed production line which adopts abroad advanced technology  also combined with our engineer research.  
Pasta macaroni machine is produced by single-screw extruder through the single screw extruder or twin screw extruder high pressure extruding, high temperature heating finally through the Mould to form different Pasta shapes. The shape is like ring,round tube, square tube, sprial, shell, 3S, circle tube and so on according to change the mould on the extruder head. The pasta quality can compare with Europe standard. The whole production line are made by stainless steel.The raw material adopts potato starch,Rice powder,corn starch, cassava starch,wheat flour, corn flour etc.The capacity can be customized according to customer’s requirement. Our product have gotten the high popularity in domestic and abroad.

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