Wafer Biscuit Processing Line

Wafer biscuit is entirely different from any other biscuit, but it has many similarities in texture and structure to certain puffed snack foods, although it is not made like them.
Bacially, a piece of wafer biscuit is a foamed, dehydrated starch gel with an associated gluten network that contributes some additional support.
The basic principles used in making the flat, cream-filled wafer biscuit s are also employed in manufacturing ice cream cones and novelty cream-filled shapes such as circles, hemispheres, half-cylinders, peanut shells, etc.
Flavors tend to be lost through steam distillation during baking, so most of the finished product's flavor is expected to come from the cream filling. "Chocolate" or dark-colored wafers sometimes do not contain any cacao products; instead they are colored with caramel color or food dyes.
wafer biscuit machine

In general,wheat flours are used for producing wafer.The quality of the flour depends in particular on the chemical composition of the
grain, which in turn is effected by soil climatic weather and agricultural conditions which growing.Sugar is added to the water dough in order to improve the browning of the wafer sheet.Best suited as fat ingredients are vegetable oil which be as tasteless as possible, such as peanut, sunflower, and Soya oil as well as cooking fats.
LONGER Machinery manufactured the complete line of wafer biscuit,capacities range from 2tons per day to 4.5tons per day.All with stainless steel design,compact structure and unique reliability.
The main machines included in the complete wafer biscuit processing line:
1.Batter Mixer: The first step for producing wafer biscuit,using automatic cycle system.
2.cream whippers:Fully mixing sugar, pastry shortening and other materials according to recipe.
3.Tunnel gas baking furnace is the most important equipment of the fully automatic Wafer production line. The performance of the gas baking oven is particularly outstanding, and its main signs are: Waffle cake fire color the same. As the combustion system matching science, baking sheet of choice of materials, mold structure reasonable baking out of the center of the cake and the surrounding fire color the same. Genuine high rate of finished product rate of not less than 98%. As the cake heat evenly, fire color the same, so the high rate of cake cake, genuine rate also will be increased. Small volume. As the layout is reasonable, the length of the furnace furnace only other similar products 2/3 or so, greatly reducing the use of space.
4. Wafer Sheet Cooling Machine and Wafer Cream Spreading Machine
5. Wafer Cutting Machine: Automatic cutting into different sizes. The height range from 20-55mm.
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