Cotton Swab Machine in India

cotton swab machine
Quantity: 1 production line with capacity 800pcs/h
Certificate: CE
Destination Port: BOMBAY port 
Place: India
Cotton swabs or cotton buds are commonly used in our daily life. Nowadays,the most popular cotton swabs in the market is a sponge swab head, according to the density and sponge crumbs situation, but also can have the following two ways:
Opening PU foam: 100PPI (PPI - POREPERINCH, refers to the number of holes per inch, the greater the number, the more delicate sponge, it is less likely to chip) some low-density sponge, easy to chip off, but the water speed, for medical use.
Opening PU foam: 400-500PPI, than 100PPI high density sponge, more difficult crumbs, dust level is high, suitable for electronic use.
The production process of cotton swabs:
1. Raw materials cutting, depending on the model swab material cutter cut out different sized swab head.
2. Start the first step cotton production: by pressing the swab in the swab rod head is fixed.
3. After the completion of the first step, and then a second procedure or by way of re-pressing pressure level. (Swab head is two)
4. After the completion of the swab is cut in the chipping machine.
5. After the completion of the stem portion should get a clean room swab to clean (reducing particles and dust)
6. After cleaning and drying, and then sealed packaging.
7. In the clean room packed swab out to be labeled and boxed.
How to properly use a cotton swab?
1, Cotton bag can be used.
2. Remove the swab is taken from the woods the other end, if cotton is removed from the other end, you will be in the hands of bacterial contamination of sterile cotton.
3, medical cotton swab can deal directly with the wound. But pay attention to the swab should be stored at a relative humidity less than 80%, non-corrosive gases and ventilated room, avoid high temperatures. Medical Cotton Usually direct contact with the wound, sterilization aspects of requirements are relatively high, the production of raw cotton swabs must be selected in line with national standards, industry standards for raw materials. BARS quality requirements, whether it is plastic rods, wands or sticks, should meet the requirements, able to bear external permanent deformation or break phenomenon does not occur.
4. Do not dispose of general household cotton body wound, only for general skin cleansing. When using household cleaning swabs for the child body, pay attention to the operation when a child is quiet, to prevent swab poked children.

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