Nigerian Customer Visiting For Chili Sauce Grinding Machine

chili sauce grinding machine
Two customers from Nigeria came to ZHENZGHOU LONGER MACHINERY for visiting Chili Sauce Grinding Machine. Customer is doing business of manufacturing different kinds of sauces like chili sauce, jams, garlic sauce, etc. They owns a medium-size factory for over 8 years. And now they plan to get a new chili sauce grinding machine and also the sauce filling machine.
LONGER offers different models of chili sauce grinding machines with capacity range from 100kg/h to 2000kg/h. It can also be customized as customer's requirement. The chili sauce grinding machine is made of stainless steel, easy to operate and maintain.
The working process of making chili sauce:
Fresh chili ---- washing --- air drying --- grinding
During the process of grinding, you can add salt, sugar, bean paste as you want. 
There are some tips for you to store the grinded chili sauce:
1. Add more salt. Salt itself has a preservative function, to ensure that the cured food for a long time without deterioration.
2. Sealed to save. To avoid contact with the air is an important means, you can chill the chili sauce, and then let cool, the bottle of chili sauce becomes negative pressure, and can be absolutely closed.
3. Using a clean, anhydrous spoon or chopsticks to take the right amount of practical when you eat the chili sauce. Avoid using spoons with water or saliva, chopsticks and chili sauce. Some bacteria will enter with saliva or water stains, causing chili sauce deterioration.
4. Put it on the shade, keep away from light. Bacterial propagation also requires a suitable temperature, to avoid direct sunlight can effectively hinder the propagation of bacteria.
chili sauce grinding machine

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