Dubai Customer Reordered Two Dates Grinder Machine

One customer from Dubai ordered one unit of colloid grinder from LONGER Machinery for the first time. And now he reordered 2 units for grinding dates. Customer uses this machine to grind dates with capacity 150kg/h. And he plans to get a dates washing machine at the end of this year. This collolid grinder is multi-purpose for processing various nuts, seeds, beans, fruits, etc.For nuts, seeds and beans, it need to be roasted before grinding into butter. While for fruits, it can be directly processed into apple jam, strawberry jam, blueberry jam, tomato sauce, dates paste, chili sauce, etc. 
dates grinder machine
Machine name: Dates grinder machine
Origin: China
Certificate: CE
Sold to: Dubai

How to install dates grinder machine?
1, Connected to the feed hopper or feed pipe and outlet, and then connected to the discharge tube, and then connected to cooling water (JM-L50a, b no cold water pipe system) and drain pipe.
2, Install the power start device, (if the conditional users can be equipped with ammeter and indicator light or inverter, etc.) connected to the power, with particular attention to the direction of operation, to determine whether the normal direction of rotation of the motor, or from the feed tube The direction of the direction of whether or not with the colloid grinding on the 'red warning signs' rotation direction arrows consistent with the smooth. Absolutely prohibit idle (cavity within the lack of liquid) and reverse.
3, The outlet of this grinder has already beed equipped with a good set of screws, grinding disc gap in the best processing fineness spacing. Adjust the disc gap, the first outlet box on the upper limit screw Panasonic, without the case of the boot plate (dial) on the two handle 'counterclockwise' loose, and then 'clockwise' turn the adjustment disk, when the rotation adjustment Disk feel a little resistance to stop immediately, then adjust the scale on the adjustment plate on the body of the pointer to determine the dynamic and static disc gap is '0'. But the scale of the circle on the reading number to remember that the number is not 0 degrees and the disc between the '0', and then reverse (counterclockwise) to adjust the disk a few laps to move, static disc gap slightly greater than 0. Adjust the disc scale for each advance and retreat a large grid is 0.01mm. Generally in the case of processing materials to meet the fineness of the requirements, as far as possible to keep the disc gap to a certain distance, while the handle will adjust the disk lock, and then the inlet box on the upper limit screw to adjust the machine to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
4, Connected to the cooling water, the injection of about 1 ~ 2Kg liquid material or other related materials with the processing of materials, and keep the wet material through the circulation through the cycle of the state. And then can start the colloid mill, to be running immediately after the feeding into the colloid mill processing production, and can be free-off colloid mill can also avoid this.
5, Before the shutdown, into the hopper to join or cavity to leave the right amount of water or other materials associated with the processing of materials, and keep the wet material through the circulation pipe through the state. The boot should also keep a certain amount of wet material within the hopper can be reflow state and immediately put into the material, otherwise it will damage the hard combination of seals and even cause leakage burn the motor.
6, The processing materials pay attention to motor load, found to reduce the load overload.
7, During the working process, never allowed to close the discharge valve, so as not to wear the chamber pressure is too high and cause leakage.
8, Colloid grinding is a high-precision machinery, grinding disc gap very little, moving speed fast. Operators should adhere to the post, according to regulations, found fault in time to stop, after troubleshooting and production.
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