Introduction of Spaghetti Pasta Production Line

On the origin of spaghetti, there are said to be derived from ancient Rome, and some say by Marco Polo from China spread throughout Europe via Sicily argument. Statutory raw pasta, durum wheat by the most hard wheat varieties, with high density, high protein, high gluten and other characteristics, pasta whole body which is made of yellow, Naizhu good taste. How to make pasta with Pasta Production Line?High-quality pasta comes from high-quality raw material, durum wheat is the ideal material for the production of pasta, because it has a unique flavor and color characteristics of cooking. LONGER machinery offer Pasta Production Line new designed production line which adopts abroad advanced technology also combined with our engineer research, with capacity 100,200,350kg/h
pasta spaghetti

How to use this pasta production line?
After entering the raw pasta plant after weighing, sampling and analysis, through post-primary and primary magnetic cleaning system, the quality
grade level to classify saved.Cleaning durum wheat requirements are very strict. Cleaning equipment removes weeds and grass, dirt and other impurities affect product quality. Cleaning process there are three main parameters: Size (Normal separator), specific gravity (except grain and gravity tables) and shape (cylindrical grain option). There are also multi-purpose cleaning device (scrubber) wheat kernels will scrub the surface while removing the outermost bran.
The next step is called tempering. In this step, the water is added to make more resilient external bran change, and therefore more easily separated from the endosperm. Another purpose of tempering the endosperm is processed to make it more suitable for milling. Traditional pasta tempering relatively short time, but modern technology made pasta, the use of more high-quality durum wheat, the use of a longer tempering time.
Milling is necessary steps to create a pasta flour and classification. Milling roller is generally done by breaking the shell, coarse and fine quality roller roller joint action. Flour isolated work generally consists of a similar screen machine is completed. Milling durum wheat of the different systems, in general, the milling step slow. Endosperm generally shows little rough round, easily recognizable from the flour. Classified flour, purification and plastic material in the production of durum wheat, when there are different types of change, however, the deformation process is basically the same as ordinary wheat.
An extremely important feature of pasta is its rich variety of shapes and varieties. Although the production of raw pasta are substantially the same, but each in the shape of a particular scene has his unique personality. Speaking with, combined with the perfect sauce, for example, some meat and some vegetables, some kinds of sauce and mix. Innovative styling pasta cooking process more stimulating innovation sector, because they are themselves a creative work. 

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