Air Bubble Dates Washing Machine Sold to Saudi Arabia

dates cleaning machine
Machine name: Dates Cleaning Machine
Certificate: CE
Destination: Saudi Arabia

One customer from Saudi Arabia ordered one piece of dates cleaning machine from LONGER Machinery. The capacity customer needs is 300-500kg/h. This is commercial air bubble washing machine, which is perfectly for washing jujube, dates, leafy vegetables, aquatic products, etc.

The main principle of Air bubble dates washing machine is to filled with the amount of water, the heating tube will be heated to the water temperature, the material through the box, and bubble machine and water under the combination of the role of rolling state, and With the network with the forward, in the water surface, the high-end with a shower head, high pressure washing. Bubble Shock Wave principle can wash the surface of vegetables and fruits to improve the efficiency of more than 50%, the effective killing of harmful bacteria, decomposition of residual pesticides; the machine with a cutting board, the cleaning and washing the sediment effectively isolated Open, reducing the turbidity of water, a substantial increase in the cleaning water recycling rate, can save 80% of the cleaning water, saving manpower; easy to operate, save time and effort, low energy consumption, health, safety and high efficiency.

This kind of dates washing machine is been increased spray cleaning function during the washing process, so that the raw material in the completion of soft drinks after cleaning, after the spray cleaning, the role of the process is to replace the dirty surface of the material to remove the material to improve the cleaning effect. While the external cleaning spray water on the secondary cleaning of the material, the water automatically into the sink, to replace the replenishment of the water bath cleaning water, to maintain the water quality, nor only can improve the rate of washing water, but salso increase the cleaning effect.

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